About Us

Prime SAS Wealth is a firm of Financial Planners / Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) located in the heart of London. Prime SAS Wealth was set up in 2003 by a number of likeminded individuals that worked within the same Financial Services company for some years previously.

Over the years Prime SAS Wealth has established a notable reputation for professional, personal and corporate advice. Being truly independent, we are able to provide recommendations from the whole of the market. More importantly, we offer what we feel is a unique approach to advising individuals on their financial affairs as the cornerstone of our personal advice service. This is known as Life Time Cash Flow Planning, sometimes referred to as Holistic Financial Planning and is distinct from the traditional way of providing financial advice which may be referred to as a Transactional model.

Wealth Management

A significant proportion of our clients are Partners in the Magic / Silver Circle of Legal firms and Investment Banking / Finance Professionals. We also profess expertise with Medical and Dental professionals, particularly those in private practice. From a Corporate perspective we deal with Owner managed businesses and advice relating to Employee Benefit provision in the SME arena. We appreciate that the needs of clients can differ vastly and we are confident that we can meet the expectations of everyone; from the inexperienced client to the most discerning investment/finance professionals. As such, our advice is tailor made to each situation and led by you the client whether the appropriate strategy is one of wealth creation or of wealth preservation.

Financial Planning

No boring technical jargon, no complicated charts – just planning around your life goals using terminology in a language you understand.

You deserve a financial planner who is fair and transparent with fees. We keep it simple so that you can focus on what matters to you. We will charge a fixed fee for designing your initial plan, then agree a fee for ongoing financial planning – with absolutely no hidden charges or exit penalties.

Investment Management

The Investment Management service is designed for those that feel comfortable to assess, without receiving advice, the suitability of a service to meet their needs and choose to benefit from Prime SAS Wealth approach to investment.

Trust & Estate Management

Their property and all of their assets are frozen and cannot be dealt with. If there is a Will that appoints you as an executor you have obligations to both HM Revenue & Customs and to the beneficiaries of the Will. You must, in time and in most circumstances, apply for a ‘Grant of Probate’. If there is no Will someone, typically a close relative, must follow a similar procedure to apply for ‘Letters of Administration’.