Our Services

We know that building a life, building a business, building a future is what matters. Your investments and insurance are tools you use to build that future. We make sure you have the right tools for the job. As one of the country’s leading independent broker/dealers, Prime SAS Wealth provides industry-leading resources that support our financial consultants’ efforts and help you make informed decisions.

Our Services include:

Wealth Management

This comprehensive service includes an in-depth assessment of your financial situation and objectives and an ongoing review of your finances and investments, to ensure your portfolio continues to perform as expected.

Investment Management

A less comprehensive approach for clients wishing to invest between £50,000 and £100,000. We create an investment portfolio based on your financial goals and objectives and regularly review its progress to ensure best performance.

Financial Planning

This meticulous process identifies your needs and priorities to develop a bespoke long-term financial plan. This can either be a one-off plan or as part of our ongoing Wealth Management or Investment Management Services.

Probate and Estate Management

At Prime SAS Wealth, we understand that you want to protect yourself and do everything you can to ensure your loved ones are well looked after, whatever the future may hold. That is why we formed our sister company, Prime SAS Wealth Trust. This company is dedicated to Probate and Estate Administration, Will writing & Estate Planning.